Urban Sophistication

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

an end to 2011 ... and being 'thankful' at xmas

Thanksgiving came and went, we're on to Xmas....and I somehow think its still thanksgiving. The holiday that isnt about presents. its about family, friends, giving, and things to be thankful. This holiday season has reminded me how thankful I am to be employed, have shelter, and an education to use at work and in the class with my students. As my first semester ended, I became keenly aware of my responsibility as a professor. From a rocky summer, to a holiday season with a lot to be thankful for. Xmas is great and am glad to share it with those around me but I think the thanksgiving spirit has stayed with me....and I'm ok with that. More people should be. Teaching speech/mass communications, writing copy for collateral, media pitching, press releases and media kits. Its the life....and when I have time to do all that, and catch an occasional happy hour with some good don julio, or a great beer from magic hat, flying dog or brooklyn, i'm doing ok...........

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New position

Wowzers...I cant believe I am now an adjunct speech comm lecturer. The new title definitely fits into the master plan. I just never expected things to work out as they did, and are. I have the daunting task of coming up with a seamless syllabus. Some may think that is minimal in the grand scheme of things, but this is something that I take seriously. SPCH 101 is the gateway class to most of the students' tenure in college and it is my responsibility to ensure professionalism at all times. Although I am excited about this opportunity, I am starting to feel the pressure. Granted I have almost 10 years of media experience, I have ZERO teaching experience. It is my hope that I can bring this experience into the classroom and give students a lecturer that has real world experience, experience that they will need in work and in life. Learning to speak and write with creativity, conciseness, diction and grammar perfection is a lofty task but students of all ages, generations and walks of life deserve someone who will work tirelessly to "level the workforce playing field" one student at a time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Smithonian Natural History Museum

Congressional Black Caucus Criticism

The president's role is to say yes and no (power of veto) to what's brought to him by congress. I'm sure he's aware of the issues so in addition to voting for him, the local, state, and national primaries determine who have legislative authority to write up policy pertinent to among other issues, minority employment. That being said the black caucus needs to be just as concerned with its voting base (or the lack of) at those levels before they throw the blame at one of the few that's in their corner. Black voting turnout is horribly low in local elections. The County I vote in has its executives and city councilman getting locked up left and right for corruption and DC is no better, let alone California. Yes Alameda, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties THIS MEANS YOU! Everyone and Black folks in particular (Black unemployment hovering around 16% nationwide), need to concentrate on who they are electing at the local level first and foremost since they are the ones who are instrumental in fighting for jobs in the communities they are SUPPOSED TO BE SERVING.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Can't Write Left Handed (Live In Studio)

Best use of 12 minutes for all of 2010! Hands down. Shout out to Bill Withers, and Mr. Legend and The Roots for giving our generation a sense of musicality, history, and straight up TALENT! The youngin's should be inspired. I know I am and the Gucci Mane's/Lil Wayne's/Plies'/Rick Ross's of the world should be too and STOP PUTTIN OUT GARBAGE THAT ROTS BRAINS OF INPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN!